child is working in small tea stall


Photo: Md Jubayer Chowdhury

Child labour in Bangladesh is a major problem. It is a great hindrance to development, as a large number of children are engaged in various types of economical activities instead of attending school. A child, between 5 and 17 years of age, who works for more than one hour per week, paid or unpaid, is called a child labourer. According to ILO, child labour is an activitiy conducted by a person below the age of 15, and when a child aged between 5 and 14 years works between 14 and 43 hours per week, paid or unpaid, it is called hazardous child labour.  Here we can see one child labor is working in service-oriented sector for income, at the age of times he would go to the school but his can’not does it.Education is the best tool for reducing child labour, so education must be ensured for working children, but not in the traditional form. It must be provided in pleasant ways, with stipend, food, and vocational training. Then chikd labour would be ultimately reducing.

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