child beggar


Child labour is a crime.But in Bangladesh,peoples are so poor.they can not lived easily.For this reason,poor people’s children do begging on the street.These children work on the streets every day and their number is incresing.They collect money from the people.Also,they selling stuff like books,flowers,newpaper,water etc.Sometimes,the adult beggar rent for begging like infant or different kind of diseases children.Also,they searches food from door to door.They think,its better for their to beg.Now,children beggers are found in villages,towns and cities.Some children’s starts begging,when their member go to work outside.Street children can not get food properly.They earn money 50 taka in a day. Actually the litlle street chikdren struggle tolive beign a children.


photo: Md Jubayer Chowdhury

Now a days,child baggers are doing different kind of crime.In some area street beggers are proved cheaters.Some able bodies are found pretending lame,dump or blind.Some,of these children do crime in a day or night.They stealing different things or hijecking to the people.Some are addicted in drugs like heroine,ciggarte,gaja etc.In the picture,one child is inhaling from the plastic is one kind of drugs.They doing crime only for their proverty.

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  1. Khaled Saifullah on

    ya we see them everyday. there was a short artical about it on tv about it.

    • joy on

      this is very sad scene for our country so we all have to find out this problems solution…………….
      this is Md Towhidul Islam from Malaysia
      student of Multimedia

      • jubayerchowdhury on

        Sorry for Belate response. You are absolutely right. We should be stop it. But it impossible only by me. If all of you stay with me then will be better something for victims. Have you any idea pls share with me.

  2. leya choudhury on

    i went to bangladesh before and right when i got out from the airport kids were at my feet begging for food/money. its really sad, and i see that everyday on the streets. 😦 my dads bro. lives in bangladesh and he is the chairman of the place. maybe he could make a law stating to donate some stuff to the poor. how about that?

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