child is working at service oriented sector


Photo: Md Jubayer Chowdhury

Bangladesh is a developed country and most of the peoples live in under the poverty. As a result large number of child working at difference sectors to income. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics Labor Force Survey (1990), there are 5.7 million 10 to 14 year old children working in Bangladesh. Another estimate puts the number at 15 million. Where they go to the school but they cannot go to the school due to poverty.  Although Bangladesh government’s has creates a law to reduce the child labor. Under Bangladesh law, children must attend school through the fifth grade. Primary education is free and compulsory, although not compulsory for girls in the rural areas. The implementation of compulsory education has fallen short in part because parents keep their children out of school, finding school accessories too expensive or preferring their children to be working for money or helping with household chores. Therefore, I think they ultimately become uneducated peoples and they increase unemployment rate in Bangladesh.


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