child is working at small stores


Photo: Md Jubayer Chowdhry


A concern of child labour exists from poverty. I  have to understand as why children go to work Why poor parents feel children as their assets who will earn money for their home? Are they forced by their parents to go to work? If yes why? Nearly 30% of population in poor countries are poorest of poor who are not even able to earn enough for one day food with big family have to largely depend on children to earn and feed. Dream of education to children is impossible unless suitable employment opportunities made available to at least one person in the family. Simply by opening schools and providing books are not sufficient measures. We need to understand the reason behind child labour that is poverty and unemployment. Minimizing poverty and creation of more and more suitable jobs to parents are the only solution of eradication of majority of child labour problem.  Our understanding should be little more practical as no parents want their children work at the age when children are to study and play. System of child labour prevails in the countries, which are poor or underdeveloped. Nearly 70% of world’s poor live in Asia alone and major contribution made by China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.



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  1. samarth singh on

    how can stop it

    • jubayerchowdhury on

      Encourage to education. But at first should be fulfill their basic needs.

  2. mitra on

    Child labor should be stopped , It is cruelty to children
    Child labor = Slavery
    Visit the website:
    Thank you, mitra

    • jubayerchowdhury on

      Thanx lot of you. Brother I always try to help them individually from my maximum level. But it is difficult to me help both of them. I maintain my blog since 2009.

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