child is working is working under the city coorporation of Dhaka


Photo: Internet

Child labour is common sign in development countries like Bangladesh. Most of the children are doing their jobs with unhealthy condition to earn. He supposed goes to the school at this time. But they could not do it due to poverty. In Dhaka city, we see large number of children is working to clean the city under the city corporation of Dhaka. Most of the children come from slums areas. For their responsibility, they get 750-800 tk per month. However, if we se in labour law in Bangladesh, here the minimum wage is per month 1550tk. But they do not follow the government rules.


Sources: The Bangladesh Labour Code 2006 by Nirmal Chandra Paul

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  1. mitra on

    Child labor should be stopped , It is cruelty to children
    Child labor = Slavery
    Visit the website:
    Thank you, mitra

  2. Vivek Srivastava on

    The article published on MSM-foundation website throws various points on child labor problem . Even in India this problem is so severe by numbers (12.6 Million out of 250 Million Children)that it should be stopped anyhow now to avoid a failure of society.

    • jubayerchowdhury on

      Sorry for late replay. I taken this picture from khalachadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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