child is working at domestic works


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Child domestic service is a widespread practice in Bangladesh. . The Rapid Assessment of Child Labour Situation in Bangladesh” (2003) estimated that in the city of Dhaka alone there were about 120,000 child domestics.  Especially in Dhaka, city employers in the urban areas usually recruit children from their village homes through family, friends or contacts. Most of the child domestic workers come from the most vulnerable families, many of them being orphans or abandoned children.  The majority of child domestics tend to be between 12 and 16years old, but children as young as 5 or 6 years old can also be found  working. A survey of child domestic workers found that 38 percent were 11 to 13 years old and nearly 24 percent were 5 to 1years old. Their employers usually take care of their daily necessities like clothes, oil, soap, comb, towel, bedding and sleeping materials. The child domestic workers are often the least paid in the society, their remuneration ranging from 8taka to 40taka per month. In most of the cases, they hand over all their earnings to their parents, leaving nothing for themselves. Therefore, I think save the neglected children should be change our daily behavior.

Sources: The Bangladesh Labour Code 2006 by Nirmal Chandra Paul

4 comments so far

  1. Leigah on

    I just think is SO bad why can’t you stop it?

    • jubayerchowdhury on

      It is impossible to stop it only by me. But all of you stay with me then we will do better something for my country

  2. Prakriti on

    prakriti requested that please don’t tell for children to do that types of work

    • jubayerchowdhury on

      But they have not any option perspective in our country. I also discourage them n also help Some children’s to admitted to primary school in this stage but it is difficult for only me .. If i help any organisation(NGO) or something then i do the work properlly .for them.

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