child is working at clay-modelling


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 Currently, child labor in Bangladesh is a critical issue. Day by day child labor is growing in different sectors. I think scarcity of one’s income to maintain his/her family and high density of population are the two main causes of child labor in our country. Different children are involved in difference activities to earn. Some children are involved with their traditional family jobs like clay modelling. Clay modeling was a tradition of our country earlier. Now this sector is in a destroyed position in Bangladesh. However, till now parents are sending their little children at hard work to save their family tradition with encourage. However, they do not get minimum facilities from the government and any private organization. As a result, unemployment and illiteracy rate is continuously increasing in Bangladesh. Therefore, I can suggest to solve the problem is those families should be given interest free loan facility. In addition, parents should be encouraged to send their children to school…

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  1. mitra on

    Child labor should be stopped , It is cruelty to children
    Child labor = Slavery
    Visit the website:
    Thank you, mitra

  2. +1.4252740657 on

    Good post. I will be experiencing many of these issues as

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