child is working at poultry firms


Photo: Internet

The figures are troubling and child labour is steadily become a unifying social economic problem amongst developed and developing countries. The International Labour Organisation (ILO), reports that based on a nation-wide survey of child trafficking, approximately 19 percent (%) of school children and 40 percent (%) of street children have been forced into child labour. I identify in our country large quantity of child labour include different types of activities like poultry firms to early age due to scarcity. However, they do not get profit continuously due to unhealthy condition. Bird flue is one kind of fever of chicken which some times destroyed our poultry firms. It becomes especially in winter season. Therefore, I think remove the problem should be give them training and development.

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  1. Uday Kakroo on

    We believe, Child Labour in each country exists due to reasons that need to be fully studied before we arrive at potential solutions. In India (and perhaps similar to other developing countries) here are the things we thought through-

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