Child Labour

I am Jubayer Chowdhury and I am a student of Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB). My major is Human Resource Management (HRM) and minor is Media and Communication. In this semester I taken in CMN 205 cource. I have a got a opportunity to learn something about the blog from my instructor Geoffrey Hiller.

I chooce Child Labour as my blog topic. because i think child labour is a bed sign of any nation or any country. Child is main power of any  nation. For survival most of the  parents are proced to send little children to rexy job for their income. As a result they can not goes to the school.

Most of the times wee see they earned less than minimum wage or no wage at all. but where the differnt situation they working nine hours in a day in differents sector. as a result they can not get educational facilities..

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  1. leya choudhury on

    i am doing a project about child labor. supposed to be for history. and i came upon your website and its really helpfull. bangladesh is my background country, my amma and abba were born there. its really sad that bangladesh kids are being forced into labor….and they are KIDS!!! if i could, i would do something. but i cant. i dont have any power. 😦
    and its a coincidence that are last names are similar, but your name is with a “w” mine is with a “u”. so yeah.

    • jubayerchowdhury on

      I’ m extremly sorry for late reply. Yup you are r8 last name is similar. Might be other factor also similar. But we don’t know each other. From my university first semester I started to write article about child labour on my blog. I remember my Teacher BRIAN ( American) who inspire me . From my first experience know what is the real scenario in my country Bangladesh. Some time in my area In Sylhet I help the kids individually from my maximum level.
      Lot of thanx . I would be happy if you suggestions me how can I better something do them.
      Okay stay time.

  2. Bharti on

    its a shameful tabboo for our INCREDIBLE INDIA…..i feell so much depressed when i see young ones working for someone else………at da same time i feel dilamatic when i found myself that i wanna do alot enough for childs but i can’t ……….

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