Child working at circus shows


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In Bangladesh at least 15lakh children are engaged in hazardous occupations in the country and the number is rising day by day due to the hike in food price. Moreover, most of them work with little or no pay but for three meager meals.I think among them large number of child working at circus shows at difference ares. she was supposed go to the school but she doing the dangerous work. I identify  Parents send to the their children to rexy job like at circus  and save to their tradition job. So, I think illiteracy day by day increasing in Bangladesh. So diminish  the problem gverment should be effective steps.

child beggar


Child labour is a crime.But in Bangladesh,peoples are so poor.they can not lived easily.For this reason,poor people’s children do begging on the street.These children work on the streets every day and their number is incresing.They collect money from the people.Also,they selling stuff like books,flowers,newpaper,water etc.Sometimes,the adult beggar rent for begging like infant or different kind of diseases children.Also,they searches food from door to door.They think,its better for their to beg.Now,children beggers are found in villages,towns and cities.Some children’s starts begging,when their member go to work outside.Street children can not get food properly.They earn money 50 taka in a day. Actually the litlle street chikdren struggle tolive beign a children.


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Now a days,child baggers are doing different kind of crime.In some area street beggers are proved cheaters.Some able bodies are found pretending lame,dump or blind.Some,of these children do crime in a day or night.They stealing different things or hijecking to the people.Some are addicted in drugs like heroine,ciggarte,gaja etc.In the picture,one child is inhaling from the plastic is one kind of drugs.They doing crime only for their proverty.

Child labour


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child is working at Saidabad bus terminal


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Day by day child labour is increasing in difference sectors to income but if we see most of the child labour are do not get minimum facilities to alive. The most hazardous and worst forms of child labour are child prostitution and pornography, and forced or bonded labour.There are a good number of reasons for hazardous child labour, the major ones being poverty, deprivation created by natural calamities, lack of access to education, lack of primary and community schools, lack of awareness, and poor implementation of labour laws. Saidabd bus terminal of Dhaka city (the biggest bus terminal of Bangladesh), here big quantity of child labour is working to earnings. Most of the child labour comes from slums areas but they do not get smallest amount   facilities .Finally  they also involve difference crimes; as a result, general peoples face the problems by child labour and gradually crimes are increasing in saidabad bus terminal. Government should be take steps to solve this problem. Not only government but also NGO should be go forward to solve this problem.

child is working in small tea stall


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Child labour in Bangladesh is a major problem. It is a great hindrance to development, as a large number of children are engaged in various types of economical activities instead of attending school. A child, between 5 and 17 years of age, who works for more than one hour per week, paid or unpaid, is called a child labourer. According to ILO, child labour is an activitiy conducted by a person below the age of 15, and when a child aged between 5 and 14 years works between 14 and 43 hours per week, paid or unpaid, it is called hazardous child labour.  Here we can see one child labor is working in service-oriented sector for income, at the age of times he would go to the school but his can’not does it.Education is the best tool for reducing child labour, so education must be ensured for working children, but not in the traditional form. It must be provided in pleasant ways, with stipend, food, and vocational training. Then chikd labour would be ultimately reducing.

child labour


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Child labour is seen in the street more frequently in many countries of the world speacially in Bangladesh though goverment has not taken significant steps to slove this problem. In addition, NGOs and non governments organizations are not very much interested to create opportunities for the street child labour. The majority of street-involved children are engaged in various forms of informal income generation in order to contribute to the household economy or for personal survival. It has been argued that economic independence, and ability to contribute to the household, is an important psychological factor in street children’s resiliency, self-confidence and feelings of a result most of the street boy in Dhaka city have got involved in different types of crimes as criminal. They also do not get educational facility. As a result day by day crime is increasing in the country.

Child is working at difference restaurants.


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Most of the child is going to work to fulfill their little demand. .Actually Child labour has not huge demand . They have small dream to alive but  they have not get sufficient money to alive. They always try to struggle to earned money. We see most of the child labour comes from different slums areas for doing their little jobs, likes factories, garments or for any services oriented works. Among them large number of child labour is working at difference hotels or restaurants to earned money.  As a result, they do not get  educational facilities and they also suffer the many problems. Therefore, we should be taking the steps to reduce the child labour from the world.

child is working in difference construction activities


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there are thousand of child who live and work in the construction sector of Dhaka city . for income their parents send to their children to rexy job. as a result they face the many problem.

child exploitation

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Now a day’s child labour is major problem of Bangladesh. Difference child labour has contribution to difference sector with earned money. Large number of quantity child labour they involve service oriented to income. In sylhet (one of the biggest division of Bangladesh), most of the child labour are collecting the stones from the river for earned money. For collecting the stones, they get 70-100TK per working day from 8am to 5pm. However, if we see most of the child labour do not get same money rather than older with working unhealthy condition.  The make shift square buildings in the backgrounds are toilets which flow directly on to the river, as  a result most of the times they face physical problem to working the unhealthy location.

child is working in agricultural activities


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Now a day’s child labour is national problem in Bangladesh. Day by day child labour is increasing in difference sector. speacially in rural areas most of the  child labour have   worke in agricultural sector to earn money. The worst form of child labour is the situation where children work for more than nine hours at agricultural sector in a day. But they lower than minimum wage or no wage at all. Here children are compelled to work on a regular basis to earn a living for themselves and their families, and as a result they are disadvantaged educational side and social side; here children work in conditions that are exploitative and damaging their health and mental development; where children are separated from their families, often deprived of educational and training opportunities; where children are forced to lead prematurely adult lives.